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Center for Continuing Education


I. Center for Continuing Education (CCE)      

A.  Operate an educational unit to develop programs for children of all ages.
      i.      Clinics & Camps
     a.    To teach the skills of the game. 

B.  To learn the principles of success.
      i.       Prepare  
Prepare your mind by getting focused on the task. 

     ii.      Practice                               
     a.    Prepare your body through practicing the skill sets necessary to play the game.   

     iii.    Perform 
     a.  The result of the mind and body coming together to execute.

C.  To teach the value of the game.     
      i.    To provide a window through which children can see their options and their own potential.        
      a.     T
each children the value of choosing a healthy lifestyle and to develop good nutritional habits.     
Teach children to embrace positive character traits such as dedication, cooperation, perseverance and commitment.   
Teach children to give back to their communities and become contributing members of society.

      ii.       Team Development                  
      a.     Sponsor programs to assist with developing teams at various age levels.

 D.  Offer placement of college students in sports-related opportunities.         

Training & Development
       ii.      Internship Programs

E.  Conduct seminars for umpires, coaches & parents            

      i.      Scholarship Initiative

F.  Develop opportunities for players & students to obtain financial assistance to attend clinics & camps.

G.  Develop opportunities to obtain financial assistance for post-secondary education.                

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