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RightView Pro Announces Major Product Release

RightView Pro Announces Major Product Release

RightView Pro has once again expanded its product line to satisfy today’s technology standards in video analysis for baseball and softball.

RightView Pro, a video analysis software company, designed to help improve, define and standardize instruction for baseball and softball has announced their 2012 Product additions and enhancements.  RVP has added new models, a smartphone app and hardware, Branded Academy and a software update with features that further expand capture capabilities. 

According to Don Slaught, president of RightView Pro, “Our 2012 product line is the most cutting edge launch since we developed the software 9 years ago.”  The spirit behind the RightView Pro software is to give coaches the ability to communicate effectively with their students.   The key edit positions for hitting and pitching in the software has created a common language for the sport. Slaught goes on to say “With the latest updates our software provides more agility and connectivity for coaches and students than ever before.”

Every two years RVP adds new MLB Models to its line-up.  This year RVP is excited to present not only the MLB hitting and MLB pitching models from the 2010 & 2011 MLB All Star Games, but also NPF hitting and NPF pitching models from the National Pro Fastpitch league.  Get fastpitch greats such as Natasha Watley, Taryne Mowatt, Danielle Lawrie and Jessica Mendoza.  “NPF has had a long standing relationship with RightView Pro; we feel RightView Pro is the leader in teaching and evaluation for baseball and softball in the software industry.  It makes perfect sense to align NPF athletes, the best players in the sport, with the teaching innovation of RVP. We are very proud of the new products that are being introduced currently featuring our talented professional athletes.” Said Cheri Kempf, Commissioner - National Pro Fastpitch.

To enhance coach/student communication RVP has added the RVP App for iOs and Android users.  The RVP App includes drawing tools, side by side capabilities and model libraries to select professional models. Model choices are constantly updated to keep up with the consumer demand.  With the RVP App, Coaches and students can communicate via an online locker system to share videos.  Coaches can even download video via the RVP App, to further analyze video captured on their smartphone device.   To go a step further, RVP has partnered with Interactive Frontiers to bring coaches a Branded Academy.  Branded academies enable coaches to give online lessons to their students or potential customers that shop their website.  The RVP App will also feature coaches that have joined the RVP Academy network so that students across the globe can choose professional coaches to communicate with.

RightView Pro has also made significant updates to their software to be compatible with the latest online features.  The latest RVP software enables coaches to capture from virtually any camera. Capture footage from an iPhone, Hard Drive Camera, Flip camera or MiniDV camera. For $100, the RVP 2012 updates will also give users mobile capabilities to send and receive video from the iPhone or Android RVP App.

And finally, RightView Pro has added a lens kit to their hardware lineup.  For $80 + s/h, iPhone 3 or iPhone 4 users can add the complete lens kit which includes a case, tripod, 9x, 2x and wide angle lenses.  While droid and iPad2 owners can add a wide angle lens for $25 + s/h.  According to Slaught, “The lenses add convenience and relevance to the footage shot.”  Slaught goes on to say  “The lenses enhance the footage as if they were a fully functioning camera.  I have one connected to my iPhone at all times”. 

About RightView Pro

RightView Pro was founded by former Major League Baseball Player, Don Slaught. Slaught's vision was to create a tool where kids and coaches could communicate and easily identify flaws in the swing and pitching motion. He felt strongly, that the only way to do this was with models of Major League Baseball players and professional softball players. Don went to Major League Baseball and in the end..., they agreed that kids and coaches needed models to compare to.

Today, RightView Pro is the only video analysis software company licensed by MLB, MLB Player's Association and the National Pro Fastpitch League.


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